Full Funnel - B2B Sales News and Tips

8 Prospecting Strategies to Steal Now

April 22, 2022 Sales Feed Season 1 Episode 27
Full Funnel - B2B Sales News and Tips
8 Prospecting Strategies to Steal Now
Show Notes

This week, Raj and Tyler dive into behaviour based prospecting.

Inside the episode:

  • How to avoid pitch-slapping your prospects on LinkedIn, and instead, use the platform to create conversations and generate more leads
  • How to successfully convert warm leads from your Marketing team into meetings
  • Creative follow-up strategies you'll want to steal now

Sales Hacker's "7 creative plays to resurrect a deal without 'just checking in'"

Skip through the funnel:

0:00 Intro
0:52 Top Funnel - Sliding into DMs
3:38 Mid Funnel - Content piggybacking
6:06 Bottom Funnel - Follow up strategies
7:59 The Close


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